Glass sliding and ordinary doors

Glass is a praiseworthy and attractive material, and glass that is processed using contemporary methods is comparable with rival building materials in its technical indicators (e.g.: thermal properties, sound-proof). In our climate, where darkness and mud are present for half a year, glass is just the material that might bring brighter moments to our days. Sense of aeriality, lightness, elegance and light… Glass can be processed in an infinitive number of different ways. Processed glass protects from both hot and cold. The glass can be turned into sound dampening or safety glass. The glass can be reinforced and toughened. Or stained, painted, engraved and moulded... by combining the different properties of glass we get an endless number of usage options. Modern architecture uses mostly the combination of concrete-glass, timber-glass or concrete-timber-glass. Reflecting or non-reflecting glass surfaces, the play of colours, geometrical or figurative designs, these are only a few options the glass offers to create modern and high quality architecture.