Full glass partitions and doors are and will remain the most expensive of the type surrounded by profiles. The reason is simple; full glass products cannot be made of thin glass due to bending and bounding; also, the furniture used with full glass structures requires more strength from the glass. Thus, we mainly employ toughened, 6 – 19mm-thick glasses, which are over six times stronger than the glasses of the same thickness that are not toughened. Toughened glass is also classified as safety glass from the point of view of the safety of people as users. (Toughened glass shatters into safe “granules”.) Laminated glass is used for additional safety (vandalism, bullet- or explosion-proof) and decorativeness (colourful laminates). Non-toughened laminated glass is not stronger than ordinary glass, but thanks to its ability to hold together it adds to safety. Different Dorma series offer details in a wide variety of shapes and surfaces, enabling the realisation of almost any idea related to full glass.